Aches, Pains, and Unexplained Bodily Sensations

Many things are resolved with the tincture of time.A friend Medicine is an inexact science.Author unknown. I was reminded of conversations many years ago with my mother-in-law who talked about aches and pains she was experiencing. None were serious or affected her ability to do everyday tasks, but she lived with discomfort.  It’s just a … Continue reading Aches, Pains, and Unexplained Bodily Sensations

Realizing a Grand Ambition

Image credit: SaSaFit ( …dream a little before you think.Toni Morrison Spring is here. The time of beginnings. A door opening to something new. But opening to what? Maybe it’s a fervent hope that something better is ahead (notwithstanding fringe politics, Omicron subvariants, Ukraine, and the world in turmoil).  After more than two years of … Continue reading Realizing a Grand Ambition