Audrey DanaherWelcome to “Becoming of Age.” I am Audrey Danaher and the author of this blog. I am a wife and mother of three grown sons, and am enjoying the adventures of this stage in my life. One of my pastimes is running and I regularly run with a fabulous group of women and a few good men. My previous blog was Running at 60! In this blog I reflect on what it means to  navigate transitions for women at midlife and beyond in order to live a vibrant life. I hope you enjoy these postings and that some resonate with you!

She’s a dreamer, a doer, a thinker. She sees possibilities everywhere.
Author unknown

I am inspired by many people in my life including three good friends: Linda who designed and created a rug that is the image for this page, Suzanne, and Sharon. All are creative and courageous women. And the ongoing support for adventures of all kind in my life comes from my dear husband Richard and our three sons and the wonderful women in my life.

One thought on “About me

  1. Hi Audrey
    Remembering our trips to Pittsburg to shop with Carolyn at the outlets for “our kids” … culminating with fun catch up nights at The Hampton Inn 😉
    Such a fantastic approach to “living”as we navigate through this stage of our lives… Becoming of Age”!
    Enjoy… fulfill every life dream as we only make this journey once
    Hugs Brenda McD


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