Wild- words used to describe “Wild”:  
untamed; indicative of strong passion, desire, or emotion; deviating from the intended or expected course; natural state or existence; going beyond normal or conventional bounds; not subject to restraint.

From the Merriam Webster dictionary

…that wild woman within each of us that yearns to live authentically.
From Becoming of Age

There are words I love and words I don’t so much (the latter a topic for another day).  Words such as joy, love, laughter, kindness, compassion, fun, beauty, adventure, and zest bring a smile to my face and can soften edgier moments.

One of my favourite words is Wild.  I used to think being wild was akin to a character flaw that reflected a wanton disregard for rules, decorum, or the rights of others. It certainly was not how I described myself.

Fortunately, I came to a different understanding and appreciation of this extraordinary word. For me, being wild means to be untethered to that which limits possibilities. Our wild spirit is our true self, the one we were born with, but without the packaging of conformity, brought about by years of obligations, expectations, and limited thinking that do not serve us and make us forget how to dream.

Our wild spirit is manifested when we are true to ourselves. She represents our deepest longings and may urge us to do unusual things that strike others as being out of character.  Such longings may be significant life changes, playful pastimes, or a different way of looking at situations.  There may be times when we cannot act on those longings, but if we do, life can take us in some fascinating directions. Being true to ourselves can change our lives, even though everything on the surface may look the same.

A few things to note about my wild spirit:

  • She does not shout or rebuke. She is kind and full of love and has my best interests at heart. She loves fun!
  • Nothing she suggests imposes harm on others- inconvenience maybe -but not harm.
  • It’s easy to miss her messages if I don’t pay attention. Mostly she whispers and if necessary, says it again and again until I listen.
  • She urges me to break the rules of convention that get in the way of living fully. That sometimes means taking me out of my comfort zone for that thrilling “Oh wow, oh no!” feeling.
  • Her whisperings may prompt me to act on impulse. I have learned over time that many of those impulsive decisions have been the right ones for me.

Honouring that wild woman spirit within requires trust, knowing you are on the right path but with no assurance of where that path will lead. It’s not about abandoning responsibilities or avoiding problems. It is about how we live the details of day-to-day life and our relationships with others. The part of us that doesn’t want to settle for a life of mediocrity. It means living life on our own terms, hopefully with the support of friends and allies who are our champions along the way.

Later life is an excellent time to reflect on priorities for the life we want. It’s about living life with compassion for who we are, as one who is ever changing and beautiful. Enjoying a good laugh and a sense of play.  Profound gratitude for the ordinary and extraordinary. Each of us gloriously different. The wild woman is the heroine in our own story – the story that we write. A journey taken one step at a time. Imperfectly.  On our own terms.

She is our own unique wise self, calling us to embrace the moment. What will you do when your wild woman spirit urges you forward to something wonderful? The possibilities are endless.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of my book, Becoming of Age, contact me at becomingofage98@gmail.com

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