Imagine a gender equal world.
International Women’s Day theme

All I want is a little respect.
Aretha Franklin from the song RESPECT

We have come so far and have so far to go.

Let’s celebrate women everywhere- not only for their achievements, but for what women do each and every day to support their families and get through the day.

The past two years have shone a spotlight on the inequities and disproportionate burden on women brought about by the pandemic. Now many women, as we are seeing in Ukraine, are dealing with a brutal invasion and either staring down the invader or trying to flee to safety with their children.  It is a dark time.

The resilience, courage, and resolve of ordinary people, blessed with a leader who leads, is a model for us all and a source of hope. Resilience, courage, and resolve is what so many women around the world embody every day.

Following the Women’s March in 2017, I wrote the following:

It would be so easy to be immobilized by a sense of despair. Some days I feel discouraged, but that is what certain groups count on. Revolutions are born of small steps, taken by ordinary persons making change one day at a time. May we never lose a sense of hope!  There is so much more work to do.

On this International Women’s Day, celebrate you and what you do every day. Think about the women you know and are grateful to have in your life. Celebrate women everywhere striving to live their best lives- sometimes against the odds.

Let us support each other!  Let’s NOT keep quiet!

For those who want to speak out, you’ll like this version of Milck’s song I Can’t Keep Quiet sung with Choir, Choir, Choir:

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