Great adventure awaits those who are willing to turn the corner.
~ Chinese Fortune Cookie

There are two fatal errors that keep great projects from coming to life:
1. Not finishing
2. Not starting
~ Buddha

March 11, 2015

When I set out to do the New York City Marathon there was a clear goal in place – with a deadline. Without doubt, I benefitted from the structure of a training plan and being part of a community with similar goals. But there is little in place now and it feels like the way forward is murky – in a good way, but murky none the less. Running a marathon had a clear outcome: the race of 26.2 miles. But now, there is no goal, no deadline and no training plan. And that calls for a different approach.

Perhaps the real test here is finding the line between letting things unfold at their own pace to reveal a “something” that I want to do–versus having a set of deliverables in place by which to mark progress forward.

What does beginning again mean? Right now for me it means engaging in meaningful projects or work that is enjoyable, brings satisfaction, and contributes in some way to making things better. Fun would be great too! Playing golf (if I played golf) six days a week is not it. My challenge is that not infrequently I have a sense of what I want to do but few specifics. There are wisps of ideas – sometimes fleeting – and a few aha moments when I think: “that would be fun”. But such thoughts and ideas are not concrete and I am somewhat equivocal about how to get from here to there.

So how does a 60+ woman begin to realize a few dreams and be present? This is the unfolding story of that journey. One thing I know for sure – I will not be doing it alone. There are many of us doing this. This is about finding ways to share the story and lessons gleaned along the way. That in some way we will help each other and move forward together regardless of whether we do the same things or not. One thing for sure: running is part of it. It has come to be my metaphor for living a full life. And the lessons from running and the gazelles I run with will hopefully inform and shape the next steps.



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